Our Team

Singapore Elegant Group (SEG) located at 605 MacPherson Road, 368239 Singapore, is a group company mainly engaged in the development and operation of commercial real estate such as large-scale comprehensive retail stores, office buildings, apartments, hotels and student apartments.

Since 2015 founded, its manager who has over 20 years experience in the area has been leading the operations team with over 20 people in the retail business arm of the Group since 2016. The team is responsible for providing overall direction and guidance to the retail operational activities with the objective of sustaining & profitability, boosting operational cost efficiency and maximising growth as well as day- to-day leadership and management across the group’s properties in Singapore. Our team’s successes are founded on a passion for affecting positive change and talent for blending technical knowledge, team direction, strategic planning and business modelling. Our team is required to develop products and processes with customers’ needs in mind. Some of Elegant’s Team’s major contributions at the commercial group include the strategic enhancement of retail assets for competitive positioning of the malls and leading a series of continuous operational improvements for ongoing delivery of revenue growth amidst a challenging retail environment.