Our Team

Elegant Group Australia was established in Sydney in 2016. Elegant Australia Group leverages its parent company which is in Singapore’s extensive track record, commitment to design innovation, quality and efficiency, in combination with its local market expertise, to develop distinctive commercial and residential projects like shopping mall, office building, student apartment and service apartment etc.

Elegant Australia Groups mission in Australia is to become a national top tier integrated property asset management company and property development company. We also want to create a life for the wellbeing of the people who live, work and play in our developments, through sustainable, connected and urban environments.

Elegant Group Australia sets out to achieve the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business from world class distinctive architecture to the delivery of quality buildings. Taking on projects with a range of complexities and having a record of achieving successful outcomes with full involvement across the project life cycle from conception to final delivery, in this way Elegant Group Australia ensures that projects are completed on time, on budget and to our exact specifications this ensures we can maximise value and improve the lives of the people we connect with.

We boast a diverse portfolio with the prospect of developing these into high-quality projects that will make a positive impact on our communities.

Management Team

Elegant Australia Group (EAG) has a Hands-on cohesive management team lead by the General Manager, who had in real estate industry for over 30 years, is now at EAG responsible for the performance of property, asset management and leasing across the portfolio. With diverse skills which can work quickly who take an active approach to the management and repositioning of assets with an aim of delivering superior sustainable returns through all phases of the real estate cycle.